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Luffa (or Loofah) is a summer squash that can be used as both food and a sponge. When incorporated into your soap, a dried luffa allows you to lather up and cleanse your skin while exfoliating your skin and  stimulating blood circulation.

Want to make a luffa soap? Make your batch of soap, using your favourite formulation (we have what you need!) and add colour and scent as required.  When your soap is at the light trace stage, drop one or more dry luffa's into a lined cardboard tube (a Pringles chip can works great!), pour your soap into the tube, tapping on the table top to ensure no air bubbles remain, and allow to set as normal. Use a sharp bread knife to slice the soap block into bars and allow to cure for a month.
Or, you could shred your luffa into small pieces and add to your soap at trace.

Alternatively, explore the use of pre-made, transparent melt-and pour soap - luffa looks great in a lightly coloured transparent soap!

Size approx. 8cm x 5.5cm

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