Created by Good Planet’s founders, Ian Cromack and Alain St.Onge, Starlite Soap Studio is a creative company that offers soap making and other DIY body care workshops, year round. Utilizing a dedicated studio space within Good Planet, the selection of DIY supplies and classes continues to expand. Combined, these two have over 20 years of soap making and body care experience, and can help you achieve your ultimate DIY dreams!


    Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken additional steps to assure your comfort and safety. For the immediate future, workshops have been restricted to a maximum of four people, to assure you of a 2-metre social distance.  Sanitizing has been stepped up, workflows have been re-designed, and you may wear a mask in the workshop if this makes you more comfortable.  And as always, if you or someone you have been in contact with has been suffering from Covid-like symptoms during the run-up to your booked workshop, please contact us immediately! 

    Classes have a maximum of 4 participants to ensure that everyone is able to get the full attention of the instructor. You choose your own additives - colour, scent, and other optional ingredients - to create your very own, personalized products. Best of all, you walk away with the knowledge of how to do it all again in the leisure of your own kitchen!

    Fun and informative, you will spend two hours with a group of like-minded individuals and a kind, relaxed but oh-so-organized instructor. You will come away with the wonderful product you have made, plus all the knowledge you need to take your new hobby to the next level!  

    Better yet, our workshops provide everything you need - no add-on materials charges or sales pitches for more products!  Come as you are - office gear or sweats - we provide everything!

    • Workshops are usually 2 hours in length, depending on participant and fragrance selection time.
    • Minimum age 16 years.
    • Please advise if you are pregnant as some essential oils are very potent.