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SOY WAX 800 g

SOY WAX 800 g

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This soft, low melt-point, natural soy wax (GW464) provides an excellent scent throw and minimal frosting, helping you make smooth and creamy soy container candles.

This natural soy wax is an advanced blend of soybean oil and specialized soy-based additives that are FDA-approved and Kosher-certified. These additives enable the soy to be poured at hotter temperatures, reducing frosting and increasing the fragrance oil load. The low melt point gives better glass adhesion.

This wax is the perfect choice for container candles, including tins, jars, votives and tealights.

Product Details

  • Melt Point: Approx 45°C
  • Recommended Pour Temperature: Approx 58°C  
  • Recommended Scent Load: 8%
  • Maximum Scent Load: 9%
  • Manufacturer: AAK
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