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This fine Mist Powder Sprayer are the perfect way to spray products such as micas, glitters and dry powders onto a variety of DIY projects. They are easy to use and are a great way to create pencil lines in soap and add a spritz of colour to products like soap, bath bombs and other personal care products!

Product Details:

  • Container Size: 14 ml (0.47 oz.)
  • The perfect way to spray dry powders, glitter and micas on to products
  • Set Comes Complete with Bottle and Spray Top

The Perfect Tool for use with a Wide Range of Products

  • Decorating Melt & Pour Soap, Cold Process Soap & Hot Process Soap
  • Creating Pencil Lines on Soap Bars
  • Decorating Bath Bombs & Bath Fizzies
  • Adding colourants to Creams, Lotions & other Personal Care Products

These micas are perfect for a bit of colourful glitter: Silver White Mica, Zirconium Cluster Mica and 24 Karat Gold Mica


  • Place your chosen ingredient such as a Dry Powder, Mica or Glitter into the bottle of the powder sprayer. We do not recommend using pigments, iron oxides and other powders that exceed a particle size of 0.008”
  • Screw the Top onto the Bottle and Remove the Protective Cap
  • Point the nozzle towards your product and press down on the nozzle to spray and disperse the powder
  • Due to the powder becoming airborne, we always recommend protecting surfaces where you will spray and taking proper precautions such as wearing a face mask
  • To ensure a constant spray can be maintained with repeat use we recommend giving the bottle a light shake or tap on a surface like a table to ensure no particles from prior use are still in the spray chamber
  • If you want to re-use the powder sprayer with a different colourant, we recommend always ensuring that the spray chamber is fully dry as any left-over moisture could cause the powder to clump. As such, a more effective way to clean the sprayer may be with a can of compressed air that possesses a long nozzle.

Technical Information:

  • Length & Diameter: 1”
  • Height: 3.375”
  • Fine Mist Powder Sprayer
  • Perfect for Spritzing Dry Powders, Micas & Glitters
  • Not Recommended for Use with Pigments, Iron Oxides and Other Heavier Particulates
  • Not Recommended for Spraying Liquid Based Products
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