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A luxurious, palm-free soap made from basic ingredients.  
You can half, double or quadruple this recipe.

142g  Sodium Hydroxide

350g  Distilled water

330g  Coconut Oil

300g  Olive Oil

300g  Sunflower Oil

 35g   Castor Oil

 35g   Shea butter or cocoa butter

  - -    Essential oil(s) and colorant(s)

  1. Add the sodium hydroxide to the water. Mix to fully dissolve, then set aside to cool. 

  2. Ready your mold. Do not use aluminum, teflon or tin. Line with freezer or parchment paper if mold is porous. Silicone molds are usually the easiest to use. 

  3. Prepare essential oils, colours + other additives. Usually 15-20ml for a 3lb batch.

  4. Heat fats on stovetop, in a crock pot or microwave until they reach a temperature of about 50 Celcius 

  5. Your soap making temperature should be 40 - 45 degrees Celsius. When both lye solution and soap oils are within this range, combine in large bowl and prepare to mix! 

  6. Mix fats and lye until they attain a “light trace” level. This is the point at which the fats & lye are well emulsified, and you see “trailings” from your mixing implement.  

  7. Mix in colorants, aromatics, exfoliants and other additives, until well incorporated.  Resist over-mixing. It’s easier to pour a liquid, not a solid, into your soap mold!

  8. Keep your poured soap in a warm place, possibly insulated with a towel, for at least 12 hours to ensure that the saponification process is completed.
When set, within 24 to 48 hours, remove from mold and cut into suitably sized bars. Allow your soap to cure for 3 to 6 weeks, rotating weekly, for best results.