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Drop-in Saturdays - Soap Making


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Have you made soap with us before, and want to replicate the same great recipe without repeating the Beginner's Soap Making Workshop, getting your kitchen messy, or investing in equipment and materials? 

In response to customer demand, we are testing a new concept in the month of March: Drop-In Saturdays!

Simply drop in and make a great batch of soap using Starlite Soap Studio's equipment and materials! 


  • This is a SELF-DIRECTED session with NO instructor, but a written instruction sheet will be provided to help jog your memory. (We will be there to answer questions though)
  • You must have taken our Beginner's Soap Making Workshop to learn the theory and methodology behind cold process soapmaking or have a good understanding of the soap making process.
  • Drop in anytime between 10 am and 3 pm on Saturday, March 7th, 14th or 21st.
  • Pre-pay online or pay us when you arrive. (Cash or credit card, sorry no Interac available).
  • You will make a 3lb batch (1.35kg, 8 to 12 bars) of soap in 1, 2 or more colours and your choice of colours, scents and additives. A container of Starlite's vegetable-based, palm-free luxury soap oil blend will be provided.. 
  • All of our usual soapmaking equipment is at your disposal.  Best of all, we clean up after you!
  • The drop-in cost is $44 per soap batch. Bring and re-use the Starlite 3lb silicone loaf mold from your previous workshop and receive a $5 rebate.
  • Work at your own speed, but most people will get the job done in one hour or less.
  • Questions? Email us at for answers!